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Deer Diana

Deer Diana - AlfAlfA - Nicolas Sanchez - ArtWalk

b. 1983

Deer Diana
  • 2018
  • 642 King Street West, Toronto

About the artwork

Deer Diana depicts a hybrid human figure with the head of a deer, an animal symbolic of grace, lightheartedness, freedom, intuition, and beauty in Canada. Through a modern take on this classic artistic representation, the artwork was adapted to fit with this popular part of the city. On a commercial building in Toronto’s fashion district, the four-storey public art mural reinforces community building. 


About the artist

Nicolas Sanchez, also known as AlfAlfa, is a Venezuelan artist living in Toronto. He began his artistic studies at a young age, later concentrating on mural painting at the School of Beaux Arts in Uruguay. He has gained international experience through residencies and commissions, traveling across three continents and 25 countries to paint during the past four years.

AfAlfA considers himself a draftsman and minimalist when it comes to materials, mainly making use of black and white inks and paints, but a maximalist when it comes to detail. The artist draws inspiration from vintage etchings and engravings, emphasizing the perceptual effects of varied line thickness. Often depicting animal-human hybrids, he employs a Dada-esque collage style to create mythical beings. By using irony in his artwork, he evokes humour, reflecting our own human conditions. AfAlfA develops his sketches with digital collage, and then translates them into lines using an intuitive process on a canvas or wall. 

Fun facts

  • To create this mural, 50 gallons of paint were used and four storeys of a building were turned into a canvas.

Engagement questions

  • How does this artwork portray irony?
  • In what ways does this artwork evoke humour?