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Approaching Red

Approaching Red

Maha Mustafa

Approaching Red
  • Mild steel and mixed technique
  • 2013
  • 7m x 4 m x 1 m
  • 21 Iceboat Terrace, Toronto

About the artwork

Approaching Red, designed by Iraqi Canadian artist Maha Mustafa, is her testament to a personal journey that took her from a war ravaged country to the safety and peace of her new home, Canada. Located at the north-end of the public Mews between the Parade 1 and Parade 2 condominium buildings. The artist describes the work as “Two solid flat colored forms [that] swirl together into a sculpture, making a connection between the two buildings and improving the aesthetic experience of the building. The sculpture creates an effect of depth and a sense of perpetual movement”.

About the artist

Maha Mustafa is a Swedish-Iraqi artist, who’s work has been widely exhibited in public spaces throughout Europe, North America and Asia with exhibitions at Mori Art Museum in Tokyo in Japan, Biennale of UAE, Malmö Art Museum in Sweden and MAI Gallery in Montreal, Canada. Maha is strongly influenced by conceptual art, which has allowed her to create a diverse number of works; not just limited in the form of sculptures and installations but also to push the space and allow large-scale permanent public work to become engaged and engaging in its urban spaces. While expressing a deep perception within her work that investigates the embodied experience which man has to his surroundings and environment, she strives to communicate her main ideas by addressing social justice issues formed by the instability of the world system.

Fun facts

  • The red immersive sculpture by Mustafa depicts the colourful retrospective of Toronto's multicultural environment.

Engagement questions

  • In your opinion, what are the characteristics that make an artwork iconic? How does it transform a place?
  • What symbols do you notice in the artwork?