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Back to Front

Back to Front

Jason Bruges

Back to Front
  • Granite, LED lights, bespoke PCB’s, sensors, glass lenses, stainless steel structure, bespoke control electronic
  • 2014
  • 3 m x 0.6 m x 0.2 m (6 structures total)
  • 300 Front Street West, Toronto

About the artwork

Back to Front, consists of an array of monolithic granite structures that sense changing levels of light within the park in real-time. People walk through the park, trees shift and the sun moves across the site, casting dynamic shadows onto the monoliths. These shadows are sensed by the artwork and transferred through the depth of the granite structure to reveal animated silhouettes on the opposite side. Images are revealed by controlling an array of LED lights, which are diffused by glass lenses embedded within the stone. The aim is to create an enjoyable and dynamic experience for pedestrians, which reflects the changing weather fronts that envelop the city.

Each individual LED/sensor node across the face of the granite monolith works autonomously, both sensing and emitting unique levels of light simultaneously. Imagery emerges from the combined behaviour of each individual LED node.  

The installation is able to detect static shadows from buildings, light and shade resulting from different times of day and seasonal changes, as well as dynamic movement from surrounding people and trees. The studio took inspiration from the characteristic lake effect ‘weather fronts’ experienced in Toronto; weather boundaries that separate two masses of air of different densities, that dramatically affect the city’s climate all year round.

About the artist

Jason Bruges Studio has become internationally renowned for producing innovative installations, interventions and groundbreaking works. This practice involves creating interactive spaces and surfaces that sit between the world of architecture, site specific installation art and interaction design. Considered a pioneer of this hybrid in-between space, Jason has subsequently paved the way for a new genre of design studios, artists and designer-makers.

Born in 1972, Jason Bruges is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in London. Jason’s work blends architecture with interactive design and uses a high-tech, mixed media palette to explore spectacle, time-based interventions and dynamic spatial experiences. He is passionate about creating site-specific pieces that engage people with their environments. Jason Bruges trained as an architect at Oxford Brookes University and the Bartlett School of Architecture, (UCL). 

In 2002 Jason set up his own practice and now works with a talented team of people to develop and deliver interactive projects worldwide. The studio comprises an experienced team of architects, engineers, industrial designers and computational designers.

Fun facts

  • While designing this unique public art installation, Jason Bruges studio are known for their installations that blend architecture with spectacle, working among others with the Alexander Whitley Dance Company, Network Rail, the Royal Astronomical Society and the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Engagement questions

  • How does this artwork change the space around it?
  • Do you feel different in its presence?