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Corner View Birdo Mural

Corner View Birdo Mural

Jerry Rugg aka birdO
b. 1981

Corner View Birdo Mural
  • 2017
  • 545 King Street West, Toronto
  • Acrylic latex and spray paints

About the artwork

Painted in 2017, Corner View was the first exploration for birdO in trompe l’oeil artwork, French for “to deceive the eye”, an art technique involving highly realistic imagery to create the optical illusion of 3-dimensional objects, instead of a 2-dimensional painting in reality. A canary is featured as the focal point of the five-storey high building wall. The aesthetic has since become a staple in birdO’s toolkit, with similar pieces in New Brunswick, North York, and Shanghai. 

About the artist

Jerry Rugg is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, also known as birdO, his alter ego whose public persona involves wearing a bird mask. He is best known for his large-scale mural work on walls and buildings around the world although his surreal geometric animals can also be found on canvas, in digital print, and installations. His approach focuses on an acute awareness of the surface and studious preparation with regard to local culture and surroundings. Jerry Rugg’s combined passion for art, experience working in film, and skills acquired as an award-winning graphic designer, have all contributed to the artistic approach he uses today. 

Fun facts

  • In 2017 this was the largest mural Jerry Rugg (BirdO) completed to date, however since then he has created other murals with a greater scale.

Engagement questions

  • Where else can you find BirdO’s murals in the city?