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Mitosis Courtyard

Mitosis Courtyard

Pierre Poussin

Mitosis Courtyard
  • Steel and Glass
  • 2010
  • Various
  • 38 Dan Leckie Way, Toronto

About the artwork

Located on Toronto’s Lake Shore Boulevard, under the Gardiner Expressway, Mitosis Courtyard is composed of a series of laser-cut light columns, ranging from 6′ to 14′ high, large public seating featuring incorporated LED lighting systems and hand-drawn ground shapes using vibrant asphalt traffic paint. The biological cell motif serves as an abstract expression of the city’s state of growth and movement, completing its waterfront location and paying tribute to the city’s shoreline at the turn of the century, which once spanned this current space.

About the artist

Pierre Poussin is a Canadian-Mauritian artist based in Toronto. After completing a bachelor in biochemistry at the University of Ottawa, he graduated from the Furniture Design program at Sheridan College. Today, he specialises in public art installations that draws from the natural world, as well as urban communities and their diverse histories, largely inspired by abstract concepts with practical functionality, which helps him create meaningful and monumental artworks.

Fun facts

  • Poussin first trained as a biochemist, developing an unlikely bridge between the natural and man-made worlds, illustrated by these phosphorescent mushrooms.

Engagement questions

  • What do you feel when standing in front of this sculpture?
  • What does this remind you of? Explain your response.