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Rendezviews Mural

Rendezviews Mural

Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack, collectively known as Clandestinos Art

Rendezviews Mural
  • 2021
  • 229 Richmond Street West, Toronto
  • The floors and base of the wall used an enamel acrylic base, for durability and over the acrylic base on the wall spray paint was used.

About the artwork

Rendezviews Mural depicts a face looking into a mirror, and in the mirror are the person’s reflections with many other people surrounded by nature. The floor acts as an organic reflection of the murals, starting with big waves and ending with smaller waves that fragment into geometric shapes. The vibrant colours are intended to share positive energy. To complement the artwork, 80 picnic tables were added in colours such as bright yellow, pink, green, and turquoise.

About the artist

Two Toronto-based visual storytellers, Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack, formed Clandestinos Art in 2010. The duo paints murals around the world by creating colourful narratives that unify both real and imaginary dimensions. Their work is characterized by a combination of landscapes, portraits, and design elements that are rendered in highly detailed  compositions. 

Emerging as visual artists about a decade before they met, they had each developed their own unique artistic voice. Over time, they learned to balance, add, and learn from one another’s styles to fuse their work into unified pieces. Their collaborations as Clandestinos have taken on their own visual personality ever since. Internationally renowned for their unique artistic approach, techniques, and distinctive subject matter, the award-winning duo has had the honour of participating in several art and cultural projects worldwide. 

Fun facts

  • The mural was nominated for a prestigious international award.
  • The canvas consisted of a 30,000 square foot surface as well as a 15,000 square foot wall.

Engagement questions

  • What effect does the mural size have on the message?