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The Plaza at The Pinnacle on Adelaide

The Plaza at The Pinnacle on Adelaide

Janet Rosenberg & Studio
Founded 1983

The Plaza at The Pinnacle on Adelaide
  • Granite, LED lights
  • 2015
  • 950 m²
  • 106 John Street, Toronto

About the artwork

This outdoor space at the corner of Adelaide and John Street has been transformed into a dynamic public piazza by Janet Rosenberg & Studio. The plaza has two functions: to welcome residents of the Pinnacle on Adelaide condos to their home and to provide a meeting spot or additional seating areas for surrounding cafes, shops, and restaurants. Located in the bustling neighbourhood of Toronto’s Entertainment District, the plaza has become a playful and interesting rest-stop along the festival street.

Encouraging social activities, the plaza features twenty-eight large granite cubes on top of which people may gather and sit. The space comes alive at night, where contrasting white cubes are lit up with glowing LEDs, creating a textured terrain that is sculptural and functional all at once. Flowing around these light cubes are bubbling jets of water that pool between the rocks. Vertical columns with their own diffused LEDs are dispersed around the site to give the whole plaza a radiant warmth.

Difficult to miss is the striking sculpture, entitled Speech Bubble, by the artists Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins. This piece further animates the plaza with an ever-changing series of images on a digital screen shaped like a comic book speech bubble.

About the artist

Janet Rosenberg & Studio (JRS) has been creating beautiful landscapes and intelligent urban spaces for nearly 40 years, significantly advancing the landscape architecture profession in Canada. The firm stands out from the rest as it has consistently demonstrated “a creative and innovative approach to design, a strong commitment to sustainability, and a sophisticated cross-disciplinary approach to large urban projects”.

Working with both the private and public sector, JRS offers full consulting services, design, and contract administration. The firm has been recognized for its extensive and award-winning portfolio that includes community, commercial, and institutional spaces, as well as residential gardens, green roofs, and condominium towers. JRS seeks to design spaces that are not only beautiful but functional and resilient in both Canadian and international climates too.

Fun facts

  • Janet Rosenberg & Studio are such prolific and beloved landscape architects in Toronto that you've likely walked through and spent time in many spaces they've designed. Here's a quick recap for you: HTO Park's Urban Beach, the Pan Am Sports Centre, the Adventure Playground Castle in High Park, the Franklin Children's Garden, and the Town Hall Square.

Engagement questions

  • How does this artwork change the space around you?
  • How would this space be different were it not here?